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Range Day 3 in 1 Targets

New Range Day Targets NOW in Stock - Just £4.99 for 50 double sided targets!

Our 3 in 1 Range Day Targets pack the convenience of having everything you need for a day at the range into one double sided target.  Click the image below to view.

Pick up a pack here!

Precision Setup Targets

New Precision Setup Targets are NOW in STOCK!

Pick up a pack here!

Visit our store to see our entire range of shooting targets and accessories.

Welcome to Snappy Targets!

Snappy Targets began back in the autumn of 2014 when we set out to design and manufacture a range of innovative targets as an alternative to traditional paper targets, spinners and knock downs.

We started out making a small range of wooden targets cut from 3mm birch ply by laser.  These proved to be very popular with air gunners and small bore shooters alike and we went on to sell these all across Europe and into the United States.

Fast forward 4 years and as many of you may already know the market for laser cut targets has become a little over saturated with more and more companies developing ideas based on our original concept.

We still make these, but have move on with our development to create new products like our Aim Point Scope Stickers, Target Shooting Gauge and our very popular Pellet Drop and Zero Targets.

We also regularly design and publish FREE download and print targets for everyone to enjoy for the cost of a piece of A4 paper and some ink.

Have a browse through our Blog articles and see what's new 🙂

Ballistic Gelatin Recipe

Ballistics gel is used by professional forensics teams to simulate the effects of bullet impact on flesh. Professional grade ballistics gel is expensive and difficult to obtain. By following our guide, you can create your own ballistics gel at home to take to the firing range yourself. You can also create small blocks of gel to use with BB guns and air rifles.

You can download our Ballistic Gelatin Guide using the link below.

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